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Every successful B2B company has a clear marketing strategy
and a well-executed business development plan.

Fletcher & Company is a marketing firm that specializes in serving privately-held
B2B products & services companies in the $5MM to $50MM revenue range. We
assist our clients in crafting their 'go-to-market' strategy, solving marketing
challenges, gathering market insights and growing their businesses.

Fletcher & Company
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A successful marketing strategy requires clarity around three key questions: 1) What You Do Best, 2) Who You Serve, and 3) How You Are Different. These seemingly simple questions are filled with important strategic choices. Click here to read our latest white papers on marketing strategy.



There are 7 key business development pre-conditions required in selling any B2B product or service: 1) Awareness, 2) Understanding,       3) Interest, 4) Belief, 5) Trust, 6) Ability, and 7) Readiness. Click here to read our latest white papers on business development.



Actionable customer & market insights are vital when making strategic business decisions. Without timely customer and market information, it’s hard to make smart business decisions. Click here to read our latest white papers on marketing research & analysis.



Doug Fletcher – Keynote Speaker

Charlotte, NC – Omni Hotel

Here’s a short video clip from Doug Fletcher’s recent keynote speech at a national conference of technical B2B Companies.  Contact us today to inquire about having Doug speak at your next conference or sales meeting.

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Client Testimonials

“Doug was very helpful in performing customer due diligence on a recent platform acquisition. He worked very well with the Seller to get him comfortable to discuss his business with key customers and was able to extract critical information for us to understand the company’s value proposition. The information Doug provided us was both helpful in diligence, but will be even more valuable in growing the business.”
Nick Sayers, Vice President, Concentric Equity Partners
“Doug is terrific. He helped us understand what was constraining our growth at PIE. The result was a 27% increase in our revenues over a six month period. His genius is to be able to focus what gates a firm’s growth and craft a plan that has broad buy-in from the team. He is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend him to any B2B firm looking to more fully unlock its potential.”
Tom McMakin , Chief Executive Officer,
Profitable Ideas Exchange
“Doug Fletcher is simply a catalyst for good business decision making. Doug has always been able to provide a new perspective for even the most difficult business situations faced by today’s leaders. It is his willingness to gather and listen to the perspectives from all parties that allows Doug to provide the sound counsel which guides organizations successfully forward. I highly recommend Doug.”
Cliff Farrah , President,
The Beacon Group

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