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Client Testimonials

“Fletcher & Company has developed an elegant process for helping companies make strategic decisions.  I value Doug’s process as much as the end product.  The answers are there – it is how you get to them that matters most.”
John O’Donnell, VP of Business Development, AGC


“Doug is the real deal. Smart, honest, sincere and passionate. There are few people you trust implicitly, he’s one of them.”
-Chuck Mollor, MCG Partners


“Doug is terrific. He helped us understand what was constraining our growth. The result was a 27% increase in our revenues over a six month period. His genius is to be able to focus what gates a firm’s growth and craft a plan that has broad buy-in from the team. He is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend him to any B2B firm looking to more fully unlock its potential.”
Tom McMakin, Chief Executive Officer, Profitable Ideas Exchange


“Doug Fletcher is simply a catalyst for good business decision making. Doug has always been able to provide a new perspective for even the most difficult business situations faced by today’s leaders. It is his willingness to gather and listen to the perspectives from all parties that allows Doug to provide the sound counsel which guides organizations successfully forward. I highly recommend Doug.”
Cliff Farrah, President, The Beacon Group


“Doug was very helpful in performing customer due diligence on a recent platform acquisition. He worked very well with the Seller to get him comfortable to discuss his business with key customers and was able to extract critical information for us to understand the company’s value proposition. The information Doug provided us was both helpful in diligence, but will be even more valuable in growing the business.”
Nick Sayers, Vice President, Concentric Equity Partners


“Doug Fletcher is an excellent strategic thinker. He questions, listens, and then brings his deep business experience to bear on the situation. You’re always glad Doug is working with you because you know his involvement will lead to a better outcome.”
Dr. Kregg Aytes, Dean, Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Montana State University


“Doug worked with me to analyze and develop strategy for an exciting market opportunity for our company. Doug’s approach was well planned and leveraged the thoughts and practices of the leading experts in market research, product hypothesis, customer interaction, and competitive strategy. Doug added his own valuable thoughts and ideas specific to our particular opportunity. Our regular discussions were fruitful and enjoyable. By the conclusion of our project with Doug, we had developed a sound strategy and pathway forward for our future product offering.”    -Dr. Peter Roos, CEO, Bridger Photonics