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What We Believe

marketing strategy
  • What You Do Best
  • Who You Serve
  • How You’re Different

These seemingly simple questions are filled with important strategic choices, trade-offs, and decisions.

  • Awareness: I am familiar with your company
  • Understanding: I understand what you do and how you are unique
  • Interest: I sense that you and your company are potentially of value to me
  • Belief: I believe you represent our best solution
  • Trust: I trust that you are reliable and a good fit for us
  • Ability: I have the funds and organizational support needed to buy from you
  • Readiness: The timing is right and is now a priority for us to do business together

If you are experiencing slow or declining sales, the cause lies with one or more of these 7 steps,

  • Lack of  focus: resources spread too thin and trying to do too many things
  • Uncertainty about who the target customer is or what is most important to your target audience
  • Unsure how they are different from the competition; haven’t staked out a unique and defendable market position
  • An unclear, inconsistent or uncompelling marketing message
  • Lack of a clear ‘go-to-market’ strategy; specifically how it plans to grow the business
  • #1 – Correctly identifying the key marketing / business development issue(s) constraining revenue growth
  • #2 – Gaining consensus among the leaders of the organization around these issues
  • #3 – Focusing the efforts of the organization on solving these key challenges