Perfect for any professional services provider or consultant who seeks to dramatically increase their ability to win client business.

In How to Win Client Business, I share the practical techniques and concrete strategies that professional services providers need to transform their ability to grow their practice.

The book contains pragmatic lessons on how to transition from sales novice to rainmaker by delving deeply into the five skills required for business development mastery:

Creating your personal brand identity,
Demonstrating your professional expertise,
Building your professional ecosystem,
Developing trust-based relationships, and
Practicing everyday success habits.

Helping Consultants and Professional Service Providers Succeed By Embracing the Client’s Buying Journey

How Clients Buy is not a typical book on selling. Most sales books focus on techniques: prospecting, lead generation, persuasion, interpersonal skills, negotiation, and closing. That’s fine if you’re selling tangible products. Products are sold on features such as speed, power, size, weight, etc. But services are different. Clients buy expert services from people who they know, respect, and trust – or who come highly recommended from a trusted colleague or friend.

My co-author, Tom McMakin, and I take a unique approach in How Clients Buy – we examine the buying decision from the client’s perspective. Rather than selling – a different approach is required. We call this approach the 7 Elements of the client’s buying journey.