Podcast with author, Cliff Farrah: Growing The Top Line

Good morning, friends. I'm pleased to share a podcast conversation I recently had with Cliff Farrah, President of The Beacon Group. Cliff's new book, Growing The Top Line, is now available on Amazon. I just finished the book last week and recommend it to all C-Level executives, private equity professionals and business strategy professors. I'm [...]

Podcast with author, Cliff Farrah: Growing The Top Line2021-07-30T13:56:00-06:00

Stop The LinkedIn Spam, Please!

Marketing Automation Meets LinkedIn Have you noticed in the past 12 months or so that spamming new connections on LinkedIn has become a thing? I'm sure it happens to all of us nearly every day. For those that may not be tracking with me, here's how it usually plays out. A professional sends us a [...]

Stop The LinkedIn Spam, Please!2021-04-14T15:47:45-06:00

Podcast with Brendon Lemon: The Madness Continues

Hi, friends and colleagues. Brendon Lemon is a new friend of mine - a fellow business author I met through a mutual friend in D.C.  In addition to having a successful career as a sales executive, Brendon is also a talented standup comedian, actor and playwright. He also hosts a podcast called The Madness Continues [...]

Podcast with Brendon Lemon: The Madness Continues2020-10-07T16:14:07-06:00

Business Development Guild: Meet The Author

Hi, friends and colleagues: Thank you to Joe McGovern and Krystal Keilholtz for having me as the Meet The Author guest at the Business Development Guild's member meeting last week. Naturally, it was hosted virtually given the current COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested, here's a link to the lively video discussion moderated by Joe [...]

Business Development Guild: Meet The Author2020-10-07T16:11:38-06:00

Podcast Guest: Simplify & Multiply with Terry Pappy

Hi, friends and colleagues: I am pleased to announce that I am this week's guest on Terry Pappy's Simplify & Multiply podcast.  Terry's podcast has become one of my favorites this summer - and I can't wait for each week's episode. Terry's podcast is aimed at helping solopreneur's..... or self-employed professionals....build a thriving practice. Terry [...]

Podcast Guest: Simplify & Multiply with Terry Pappy2020-09-21T20:05:07-06:00

New Client Pathways: Survey Findings

View/Download PDF In April 2020, while we were in the early stages of the COVID-19 work-at-home period, I conducted a market survey via LinkedIn to better understand where new client business originates. For a long time I had a been working on a hypothesis I called New Client Pathways. From my own experience and observations  [...]

New Client Pathways: Survey Findings2020-05-05T17:13:48-06:00

The Manage Smarter Podcast

Hi, friends. I was honored to be a recent guest on the Manage Smarter podcast hosted by C. Lee Smith & Audrey Strong. I say honored sincerely because it's not only one of my favorite podcasts, but because the podcast has included such iconic guests as Tom Peters, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jennifer Gluckow and Brian Tracy.  [...]

The Manage Smarter Podcast2019-04-17T19:53:58-06:00

How Clients Buy: Does Advertising Work?

I get asked on a regular basis if advertising works in consulting and the professional services.  Especially by people who have recently gone out on their own.  These people typically have a lot of expertise relating to their craft.  They just need a few clients to get things rolling.  Why is this such a hard [...]

How Clients Buy: Does Advertising Work?2019-06-04T18:28:37-06:00

How Clients Buy: Knowledge Asymmetry & Credibility Markers

Selling an expert service is much different (and harder, too) than selling a tangible product.  Clients experience much greater risk in hiring a an expert than in buying a tangible product - even when the tangible product has a steep price tag.  The key difference lies in the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could [...]

How Clients Buy: Knowledge Asymmetry & Credibility Markers2019-03-03T18:40:19-07:00

How Clients Buy: The Role of Shared Beliefs & Values

If you've been along on the How Clients Buy journey with Tom McMakin (my co-author) and me, you've heard frequently that we believe there is a big difference between how clients buy professional services and how customers buy products.  (Note: For more on this, I encourage you to read Chapter 3 in How Clients Buy: Beyond Pixels [...]

How Clients Buy: The Role of Shared Beliefs & Values2019-02-19T15:32:58-07:00
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