QOTD – May 25, 2016

"The day you say 'that SOB stole my idea' is the day you need to face your own inability to execute." - Jonathan Fields, entrepreneur, speaker & author

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QOTD – May 11, 2016

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."  - Fred DeVito, co-founder, exhale yoga

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QOTD – April 24, 2016

"If there's 100 people in your space, in your business market, and you're number 101, what are you gonna do different?  If you're not gonna do something different, there's no reason for anyone to need you.  And not only do you need to be different to stand out, but if you don't do things different, [...]

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QOTD – April 4, 2016

"In the end the great truth will have been learned, that the quest is greater than what is sought, the effort finer than the prize, or rather that the effort is the prize, the victory cheap and hollow were it not for the rigor of the game."   - Justice Benjamin Cardozo, Former Associate Justice of [...]

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Quote Of The Day – March 31, 2016

"Influence rather than control. Often, the harder we push the more likely someone else will resist." - Gary Noeser, FBI hostage negotiator, author, Stalling For Time

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QOTD – March 3, 2016

"Whatever you seek to acquire, the most reliable way to get it is by giving, rather than taking.  To obtain wealth, give value. To be happy, make other people happy. To truly learn, teach others. To be loved, give love. To be respected, act with respect toward others." - Ralph Marston, blogger, The Daily Motivator

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Quote Of The Day (QOTD): Feb. 14, 2016

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." - advice given by Ron Watson on Parks & Recreation, played by actor, Nick Offerman

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Quote of the Day – Feb. 6, 2016

"Don't rush the monkey and you'll see a better show." - T. Boone Pickens, American business financier, Founder - BP Capital Management

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