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I’m am very pleased to announce that my new book – How To Win Client Business – will be printed on Wed, Oct 6, 2021 by John Wiley & Sons in the USA, and ready to ship on Amazon on October 26! The book will also be available for Kindle at this same time….and the Audiobook will be ready by the holidays.

In conjunction with the launch of the new book, I’m going to share an excerpt from the book each week. This works out pretty conveniently to roughly 6 months – as there are 26 chapters. Without further delay, here’s a small teaser from the introduction of the How To Win Client Business.

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Introduction: If I’m So Smart….Why Do I Feel So Stupid About Selling???

Here’s a simple thought experiment for you to ponder:

Why is it that we have no problem whatsoever buying a home after an hour-long

walk-through, yet will agonize for months in choosing an architect if building a

custom home?

We’re comfortable spending $500,000 on a house after a short visit, but

require months to choose an architect who will cost us a small fraction of this

amount. Alternatively, we’ll spend $100,000 on a new Tesla Model S convertible

after a 30-minute test drive, but struggle for months to choose a financial planner.

Hmmm, why is this? Selling a service is much different – and harder – than

selling a product. Or, more appropriately, buying a service is a much different experience

than buying a product. Something interesting is going on here that I think

warrants further thought and discussion.

OK, maybe you’ve never pondered this before. But I have. I’ll admit, among

friends at least, that I spend many of my waking hours thinking about things like

this: how clients buy and how to win client business. These are fascinating topics, and

oddly, not studied nearly enough.

If you, too, find this question interesting, maybe you’re a fellow journeyman

in this quest to better understand what goes on inside the heads of prospective clients

and how to win more client business. Let’s join together and travel in search of

answers to questions such as these.

In addition to lessons learned throughout my career, you’ll hear advice from many

successful professionals. I have benefited from the wisdom shared by many rainmakers

from every imaginable profession.

If I had known at 30 what I know now, the arc of my career could have been

vastly different. So join me, if you will, on this quest to better understand the client’s

buying decision journey and improve our ability at winning client business.

If we can do this, together, I’m confident we’ll have more successful and satisfying



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