How Clients Buy

Helping Consultants and Professional Service Providers Succeed  By Embracing the Client’s Buying Journey

Doug Fletcher is the co-author of How Clients Buy, and founder of Fletcher & Company. Doug assists consultants and professional service providers in growing their individual practices through a better understanding of the clients buying-decision journey.

How Clients Buy is not a typical book on selling. Most sales books focus on techniques: prospecting, lead generation, persuasion, interpersonal skills, negotiation and closing. That’s fine if you’re selling tangible products. Products are sold on features such as speed, power, size, weight, etc.  But services are different.  Clients buy expert services based upon relationships, reputation, and referrals.

Doug and his co-author, Tom McMakin, take a unique approach in How Clients Buy – they examine the buying decision from the client’s perspective. Rather than selling – a different approach is required. Doug and Tom call this approach the 7 Elements of the client’s buying journey.