Hi, friends and colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that I am this week’s guest on Terry Pappy’s Simplify & Multiply podcast.  Terry’s podcast has become one of my favorites this summer – and I can’t wait for each week’s episode. Terry’s podcast is aimed at helping solopreneur’s….. or self-employed professionals….build a thriving practice. Terry has a rich career filled with branding, advertising, web design and strategy experience – and she brings this knowledge to her podcast and her consulting practice.

I was so impressed with Terry’s business strategy that I included her story in my new book – How To Win Client Business – due out by Wiley in Q1/2021.  The way she has niched herself is so effective as a business strategy that I think we can all learn from her success.

In this nearly hour long, free-flowing discussion, we cover a wide range of topics including:

  • The book publishing process
  • How a book can help grow your practice
  • Why a book can be so valuable in the client’s buying decision journey
  • And much more.

I hope you enjoy it. Click HERE to begin.

If the tech gremlins conspire against the above link, here’s the direct URL: https://better3.com/smshow/706

You can learn more about Terry Pappy at her website: https://better3.com