Hi, friends.

I was honored to be a recent guest on the Manage Smarter podcast hosted by C. Lee Smith & Audrey Strong. I say honored sincerely because it’s not only one of my favorite podcasts, but because the podcast has included such iconic guests as Tom Peters, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jennifer Gluckow and Brian Tracy.  Pretty heady company.

In our discussion, we dove into why selling consulting services is so vastly different than selling a product.  And, importantly, how clients buy expert services as compared to the process of buying a product.

“Why is it that we can spend $500,000 on a house after one hour of walk through and yet agonize for months over choosing just the right architect to design our dream home?”

– Doug Fletcher

I hope the conversation is insightful to anyone charged with bringing work into their professional services firm – whether a solo-preneur or a business development professional in a mid-to-large size company.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. It’s about 20 minutes long.

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If the tech gremlins conspire against the above link, here’s the direct URL: http://salesfuel.com/manage-smarter-65-managing-professional-services-and-business-development/