Customized Learning for Aspiring Rainmakers

Doug Fletcher came to the profession of teaching as a second career after 25 years in management consulting. He considers it an honor to be a part of others’ learning journeys.

Doug is passionate about sharing his  knowledge and experiences with others to help them become more successful in growing their own practices. In addition to his teaching at the undergraduate and graduate school levels, Doug designs and leaders seminars and workshops on the topic of business development in consulting and professional services.

Doug works with clients to design and implement curricula for aspiring rainmakers. His short courses last from 1/2 day to multi-day programs.  These custom programs utilize an active learning approach based upon his experiences on GE’s leadership development program and Darden’s MBA program. He utilizes mini-lectures, case studies, team and individual learning activities.

My Teaching Philosophy:

Telling isn’t teaching, and listening isn’t learning.

A Proven Approach To Learning the Craft of Business Development

Seminar and workshop fees are typically project-based but some clients prefer retainer arrangements. If you are interested in learning more about a custom-designed training program on business development for your firm, please contact Doug.

Doug Fletcher Speaking