I’ve known Dave Bayless for 25 years. He’s as close to a true polymath as anyone I know. The breadth and depth of his knowledge across multiple fields is extraordinary. I’m 100% confident that anyone who has worked with Dave is nodding their head in agreement. Dave’s latest professional deep-dive is in automating everyday computer tasks to make our lives easier and more productive. Over the last few years Dave has become highly skilled at what I’ll call practical daily task automation. 

To illustrate my point, take a look at Dave’s lastest automation mini-project. Dave has taken the Timothy’s Index Cards case study from my book, How To Win Client Business, and cleverly automated it (Chapter 23: Finding Your Rainmaker M.O. – Building a Rainmaker System That Works for You). Here’s the link to Dave’s short video demonstration. I think you’ll agree Dave’s automation skills are far beyond the norm for business professionals. I hope you all have a great weekend!