Dear friends:

I was very pleased to be a guest this week on The Lifetime Body podcast hosted by my good friend, John Zombro.  I’ve known John for nearly 20 years, first meeting him when I had a running related injury when I was much younger and less wise as it relates to training.  John’s a physical therapist by education, but his knowledge of the human body, fitness, health and wellness far exceed his formal training.  He’s truly a walking encyclopedia of information relating to our overall health and well-being.

John is an avid writer, blogger, speaker and YouTuber, where he shares his wisdom related to how to get the most out of our bodies and make them last a lifetime.  You’ll find all of his content at his website:

I know it may seem a bit of a stretch, but John saw a parallel between a client’s buying decision journey (which Tom McMakin and I chronicle in our book, How Clients Buy) and our individual journeys to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  I was slow at first in connecting the dots the same way John had, but I now see the similarities that he does between the two.

I hope you enjoy our discussion.  It’s a deep dive and a long listen (about an hour), hence I’m posting it on the weekend when maybe we have a bit more time to listen.

Here’s to wishing each of you a healthy 2019!


P.S. If you have technical issues with the above link, here’s the URL for the podcast: