Hi, friends:

I’m very excited to announce that I have a new book scheduled for publication with Wiley in early 2021.  The title of my new book is How To Win Client Business.  My target readers are mid-career professionals (consulting, accounting, law, engineering, finance, marketing, etc.) with aspirations of becoming partner in his/her firm.  Additionally, the book will be valuable to anyone hoping to start their own practice.

The truth remains that in order to become partner in any profession we must demonstrate our ability to win client business.  Surely this holds true if we are to successfully launch our own solo-practice or boutique firm.  We will thrive – or perish – based upon our ability to connect with those we wish to serve and demonstrate our ability to help them.  Oddly, despite all of our impressive education credentials, we have never been taught how to do this.

In our first book, How Clients Buy,  Tom McMakin and I conducted an investigation into the client’s buying decision journey.  Our premise was that if we could better understand how clients make buying decisions in consulting and professional services, we could increase our success in winning business.  In How To Win Client Business, I will turn the lens on us – as professionals – to uncover what we must do to increase our success at winning client business.

I’ll introduce five rainmaker skills that I believe we must learn in order to become successful at winning client business.  These skills are founded on my own experiences over the past 25 years in addition to interviews I’ve conducted with hundreds of successful rainmakers from a wide-spectrum of professions. The five skills covered in depth in the new book are:

  1. Establish Your Personal Brand Identity

  2. Demonstrate Your Expertise

  3. Build Your Network

  4. Develop Strong Relationships

  5. Everyday Success Habits

I want to thank you all for your generous support since the publication of How Clients Buy.  Stay tuned for updates as I make headway on the new book.

Wishing you all a great 2020!